Every dawn awakes in me a driving urge to get to the bottom of things, and with it comes the sun. 

I can feel its bright stroking beams painting every inch of my skin in shades of gold as I remember last night's dream.


A dream where emotions feel like secretive textures. Secrets I can’t tell. 


As my muscles spasm and my skin gets warmer, my running brain relives Morpheus’ visit, fooling himself that what lives there can be translated in this tangible world. But my body knows that while the brain can only dream, the body can dance.


And so, my body and mind become one as we dive blindly into the current of my passions. I open my eyes and surrender to time.


By now, my fingers can feel and nearly reach the intimate boundaries of my world. On the fronteer, I watch as dreams transform into feathers that float away like prayers, inching me closer to the truth.


It’s hard to decipher whether I’m still dreaming, but my skin is warm enough to respond to the wind as the breeze runs a blazing trail down my back, caressing my thighs and finally reaching my feet.


My senses trick me into revealing to the sun all of my moons' secrets, and the beauty of chaos become my obsession. There is a tenacious drive that scorches my skin like burning wax. I enjoy how it feels. 


Unfortunately, the art of passionate cunning is one that gets payed with a golden curse. I decieve myself into believing that I can touch the sun, and I decide not to stop. With the blessings of the humble moons, as I Waltz with Morpheus and time runs and gravity redeems my bones, the heat expand the boundaries of my world. The sun meets the heat of my core, exposing my platonic hopes.


The truth has been unveiled; Morpheus holds captive hearts that dream of love and dance to its beat. Icarus just wanted to set them free.


As for me, when the time arrives to stare at defeat and trow my head back. With my heart in my hand, I will laugh as I fall.