Choreographed by Jael-Anik Vialard

Material Trace, refers to how the selected artworks give physical form to ideas through collecting, recording, logging, documenting or archiving.

The pieces investigate the construction of identity and the essence of relationships in the digital age, as well as questions surrounding borders, overconsumption and ecology.


Sung Hui (Sonnie) Park,

Untitled (2017). 

Plexiglass and steel. Various dimensions.

Image courtesy of Paul Lofeodo.

Sung Hui (Sonnie) Park is a Korean-born Canadian artist interested in creating playful artworks and places to reflect on our often contradictory and multi-sided emotions. In her installations, she works with oil paint, Plexiglass, and steel to examine ideas and emotions that are ignored or under-articulated, though commonly experienced.  


Jael-Anik Vialard,

Space within a body (2018). 
Photograph by Aboozar Beheshti.

Jael-Anik is inspired by the body’s available efficiency, how it occupies and alters space and ways in which their shapes may align or collide. With this in mind, she considers the roles and responsibilities of individuals in the contemporary world.

Jessica Sofia Lopez


Photography by aboozar Beheeshti

Jessica considers her body as a channel through which other realities become tangible. Her work comes from experiments where the invisible, the laws of probability, and her cultural and religious heritage come to play.