Choreographed by Jessica sofia lopez

does it have a name - technology - insta

This piece has been exposed at the ARTisBOOKshop Gallery in Groningen, Netherlands for the "Does it have a name: Technology" exposition and at the VAV gallery in Montreal, Canada for the exposition Ctrl-Alt-Del.

No HD (Discovery of the raw self)

is the result of a choreographic exploration, capturing a moment in time in the rawest way possible. 

Having as main inspiration the misuse of mass media to  cover the corrupted condition of her native country, the artist expresses her fatigue and returns back to basics with a low quality video camera and a lightbulb as the only two `technological devices` to document her two-month movement exploration. 

This documented exploration happened in a closed door studio between 10pm-2am. It was intended to be a manifesto against exploitation: exploitation of violence by the social media, exploitation of people by their governments, exploitation of the arts by technology...


The result was the reconnection with the body, a somatic body mapping, no software, no high definition, no HD. An act of personal decolonization.